Monday, November 26, 2012

Gravel-Lok Job: Fells Point Community Garden

Here are some pics of a recent Gravel-Lok installation in Baltimore City...

"This is the Upper Fells Point Community Garden located on East  Pratt and South Wolfe Streets in Baltimore City. I was involved in this planned project doing the Gravel-Lok part of the job. The community received a grant to get this done and my company donated the labor." 
- Anthony L. - Custom Stoneworks & Design -

Thursday, November 15, 2012


GRAVEL-LOK  Updated Coverage Rates – MIX method
October 2012

We are no longer recommending 16 oz. liquid : 5 gallon bucket of stones
It works in some cases, depending on the cleanliness and size of the stone, but using 18 oz. is better for a wider variety of scenarios.
Rare cases:  if somebody is using stones which are really small, 1/8” then we recommend using 20 oz. : 5 gallon bucket of stones.  The smaller the stone, the more surface area of stones to cover.
ADA Compliance would need stones which are 1/8” up to 1/2” to create a smoother pavement for wheelchairs.


1/4” up to 1/2” for pavements (and this includes 3/8”) should be mixed at 18 oz. liquid : 5 gallon bucket of stones

At 1” thick:  210 sf/5 gallon container (USE ONLY ON CONCRETE LAY OVERS)
At 1.5” thick:  140 sf / 5 gallon container
At 2.0” thick:  105 sf/5 gallon container

If they are using 1/8” size stone then you should use 20 oz. liquid : 5 gallon bucket of stones. 

At 1” thick: 180 sf / 5 gallon container
At 1.5” thick:  120 sf/5 gallon container
At 2.0” thick: 90 sf / 5 gallon container