Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gravel-Lok is going to the dogs!

Need a dog pad for your backyard kennel and concrete is not an option? Here are some exerpts and pictures from a recent thread over at the German Shepherd Dog Forums by TechieDog in which he talks about using Gravel-Lok for his kennel project:

"I recently did a small pad out of pea stone with (LSG SERIES) stabilizer. I really wanted to use concrete but because of where it is, would have been expensive and a lot of work. It came out pretty well though. I used some seperator material first and then a mesh material that creates a very strong\solid base -though thats probably not necessary. It drains really well, like pouring water into a bottomless pit and it is very firm!

In the past I had a kennel area with only pea stone. It got sloppy when it rained and over time needed to be re-dug and filled with fresh stone. I found it to be a bit of a pain.

I had concrete at another house and it was great but I just can't do it here. I investigated every option to do concrete here but it was just unrealistic. I investigated all of the deckings etc. and just really did not want to go that route.

I ended up using something called Gravel-Lok. I was able to pick-up Gravel-Lok locally plus I liked dealing with them. They were very helpful.

I put it in only about a month or so ago. The new dog has not arrived yet  but there is no way those stones are coming loose! I got down on the ground with a hammer to try to kick out one that was sticking up a little. I had to smash it and the stone broke before the bonding gave way. I used 3/8 pea stone. I didn't find anything finer but I think the stuff works better with larger material. You should ask them about whatever you are considering using. Also, the better you compact/tamp it, the smoother it will be.

As far as toxicity of the stabilizer, there is no concern, you can read the detailed MSDS on their website. I also spoke with them on the phone about it. Not worried.

Here is what it looks like. Sorry for the lousy phone pic. with the shadows and bright sun, will have to do for now. I am currently putting a fence up behind it and then I will raise the kennel."

Note: This discussion took place a few months ago and we are hoping TechieDog will send us an update with photos of the completed project and his new pup!  Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: Here is a pic of the completed kennel