Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gloucester NJ couple finds unique solution


What do you do when you think you’re out of options?

  For Scott and Kari Schneider of Thompson Ave. in Gloucester City that‘s just what they thought, they were out of options. Thinking that more concrete for their driveway might be the only option, Kari and her husband Scott put the project on hold.
  Before long Kari called on friend and fellow BNI member Bob Watson, Principal Designer at Restoration Collaborative for some suggestions. “ I can’t take another rain fall that’s gonna leave me sinking in mud in my high heels.” she told Bob, “Help me!” And help he did.
  Within a week Restoration Collaborative had come up with a design that not only solved the parking, muddy, non-useable space problem, but they also suggested a patio and complete landscape to compliment the rest of the yard. Why? Because the more Scott and Kari spoke about their property, the clearer the picture became.
  “The parking area was the biggest need says Schneider,” [Kari] “That had to be addressed before anything else.” “I could wait to get a patio done but I’ve waited too long to walk on something sturdy and dry.”
  [Gravel-Lok] Porous paving was the solution they’d agree on. [Gravel-Lok] Porous paving is a unique resin bonding process that allows stones of most any color and size up to 3”, to bond together like concrete, yet allow water to permeate through without delay.
  “It seemed to be the most cost effective, most durable, eco-friendly option available” says Watson. The new [Gravel-Lok] driveway is harder than concrete, more decorative, won’t fade and best of all you won’t get any grass growing up through the joints, ever. Design options are endless. You can mix sizes, colors and even incorporate patterns. Pricing is set far under that of precast pavers and slightly above concrete. It takes a lot less time to install and cures in 24hrs. “Weather can be a factor” says Watson, “but that’s with anything you do outside.”

  Watson believes porous paving will soon become the “paver replacer” as more regulations require onsite collection of stormwater. It’s just a matter of time.
  Scott and Kari are officially the first family in Gloucester City with a stormwater compliant porous paving driveway. It is one of NJ’s Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for stormwater infiltration & recharge. Just an added bonus when your top priority is “muddy high heels.”

Restoration Collaborative can be reached at:
609.685.9245 or info@restorationcollaborative.com

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gravel-Lok Job at Osbourn High School - Manasas VA

Here are some job pics an info sent to us from BCLS, inc. in Asland VA summarizing a recent Cell-Tek / Gravel-Lok installation at Osbourn High School in Manasas VA.

"I just wanted to share this project with everyone. This was the first time BCLS has done this type of install with Cell-Tek and Gravel-Lok. I also wanted to thank the people involved in this project.
  And a special thanks to Jeremy from Cell-Tek for coming down from Annapolis, MD several times during the install to instruct us on the way to install his products... And another special thanks given to John from Aquarius Supply for helping us with the install, providing us with supplies...

Thank you to everyone involved in this project and making this happen!"

Allison - BCLS, Inc.

After excavating to a depth of 6" or more through hard dirt and rocks the edging was secured and the landscaping fabric was rolled out.
Excavation, installation of edging, landscape fabric, installation of park bench legs, stretching the Cell-Tek Load Support Grid and filling with #57 aggregate.

Decorative gravel was then spread over the #57's and Cell-Tek grid.
Decorative gravel was then washed and compacted.

 Gravel-Lok was then applied with a gravity wand over the dry gravel.

Be sure to check out our friends at BCLS, inc. online at: http://www.bclsinc.com/
Follow them on twitter at: www.twitter.com/BCLSVA