Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Building a Tradeshow Booth: Mants Show 2010

This year for the Mants show we created a puzzle display layout.  The reason for this when rectangular samples are laid out most people think that we are making block paving stones.  We wanted to create an interesting design that poised the question:  What is this?
It worked the audience found our display puzzling and attractive and was a huge hit at the Mants show in Baltimore, Maryland.

Step 1:  
We projected on two sheets of plywood a puzzle layout.  We traced the outline with a magic marker

Step 2:
The plywood was cut out into the puzzle shapes.  The puzzle was then put back together and a 3 inch aluminum divider was put in place to separate the different aggregates used for each puzzle piece.

We were unable to get the puzzle pieces apart so we picked up the whole display with a fork lift and loaded it on a pick up truck and brought the whole unit to the tradeshow.  Weighing in at 1600 lbs. it was quite a venture.

The Finished Tradeshow Booth

RIP:  Tearing the booth apart