Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recycled Glass mixed with Natural Stone

Gravel-Lok: Recycled Glass




Recycled VHS Tape Cases (Gravel-Lok Samples)

Cell-Tek Geosynthetics LLC. has discovered a new way to recycle when making their samples for their Gravel-Lok product line.  The concept is reusing almost obsolete VHS tape cases.  The process takes an outdated product and gives it new life with a new product.  

Friday, November 13, 2009

New! Surface Stone Samples

Royal Blend 3/8"

Delaware Valley 3/8"

Ocean Peeble

Pocono River

Tipple Red 3/8"

Recycled Brick Chips 3/8"

3/8" Koblenz Granite

Monday, November 9, 2009

Gravel-Lok Helps Feed the Trees

12 Year Review

The following pictures are from a project installed over 12 years ago.  The wet look has vanished leaving the natural stone appearance.  The system remains strong with no visible signs of weakening.  There were no loose stones on the top surface and the system is performing the same as when it was first installed.  Since the bonding agent creates a solid monolithic surface in some areas a few cracks were visible.  It is recommended to install expansion joint cut into the system to allow additional movement from freeze-thaw cycles. After inspection there is no doubt the porous system will withstand another 12 years.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gravel-Lok Sample Making Kit

Gravel-Lok Press Release

Cell-Tek announces the launch of their
 New bonded aggregate system, Gravel-Lok

Crofton, MD, August 2009 - Cell-Tek Geosynthetics, manufacturer of geo-cellular confinement systems, announces the launch of their new bonded aggregate system, Gravel-Lok.  This innovative product is the ultimate solution to bond together a wide variety of aggregates including washed stone and pea gravel creating a permeable decorative pavement system without sacrificing the strength.  
Gravel-Lok is a single component, moisture curing liquid scientifically designed to bond together a wide variety of aggregates.  When combined with Cell-Tek's SG Stabilizer Grid base support system the result is a permeable natural stone, durable pavement which can be utilized in a wide variety of civil, residential and industrial applications.  It is an attractive alternative for municipalities, parks and other government projects.  Gravel-Lok creates a permeable decorative natural pavement system which is just as strong as traditional hardscaping with half of the expense. 
A homeowner in Maryland was searching for a solution for a shady area in their yard where they couldn't get grass to grow.  Pavers were going to be too costly and gravel or mulch would have required too much maintenance.  The homeowner approached their contractor, Life Time Pavers, who suggested Gravel-Lok and it was the perfect solution.  The cost of the project was about 45% less than traditional hardscaping.  The owner of Life Time Pavers says "With the system being completely porous, it was the ideal choice to help preserve the natural water flow to the root system of the existing trees.  The natural beauty of the stones and functionality of the space exceeded the customers expectations."   
The system is very simple to install.  The 900 sft project was installed in 2 days.  The contractor excavated the area and then laid down a non-woven geofabric followed by Cell-Tek's 2" Stabilizer Grid.  The grid was then filled with #57 stone open graded aggregate which allows for maximum permeability.  The stabilizer grid confines the infill to prevent lateral movement of the stones and adds strength to the overall system.  The next step was to cover the grid with the decorative stone.  The customer chose 1" Delaware Valley River Jack stone as the earth tone colors blended nicely with the landscape.  The final step was the bonding system.  Gravel-Lok was poured over the stones which bonded them together and in 24 hours the surface was fully functional.
The Gravel-Lok system can be applied to patios, walkways, driveways, streetscapes, nature trails, parking lots, golf cart paths and many more applications.  The beauty of the system is that it creates a flat pavement which is wheelchair and stroller friendly meeting ADA compliance.  The product is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic.  It is an ideal solution for those looking for a less expensive, natural, completely permeable, maintenance-free area.
About Cell-Tek Geosynthetics
Cell-Tek Geosynthetics is an exclusive manufacturer of geosynthetic products used in a multitude of Green Building Applications.  Their systems are the ideal choice when dealing with Load Support, Earth Retention or Slope Protection.  Additionally, Gravel-Lok offers an affordable, eco-friendly product to help keep untidy gravel in place

Solve Beach Pollution with Gravel-Lok

Gravel-Lok: System Cross Section

Product History

In the mid 1990's our chemical laboratory was approached by several historical societies about the problem of bonding together pea gravel for most of the pathways located at their historical public properties.  Back in the late 1700's and 1800's traditional pathways and driveways were constructed of loose decorative stone and pea gravel.  Portland cement was not available until the late 19th century, so most public pathways were crushed gravel or pea gravel mixed with sand or clay.  The problem was how to maintain the historical appearance of the architecture of that time, and making the pea gravel ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) compliant to meet the building practices of the 21st century   The end result had to be a natural crushed gravel or pea gravel surface that is held in place and wheelchair friendly.  The surface would have to withstand the everyday pedestrian traffic associated with public buildings and tourist locations.

The only answer was a moisture curing liquid polymer which became inert after curing.  The polyeurethane liquid enabled the bonding of a wide variety of aggregates and creates a long lasting pavement surface.  Initial projects installed back in the mid 1990's are still performing today without any required maintenance.  The resin is strong enough for driveways as well, but other considerations should be taken when creating a pavement supporting vehicular traffic.

Today the product is available to contractors, builders, architects and homeowners for use across a wide variety of applications.  Visit to learn more about this exciting  product.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grass won't grow. Gravel-Lok It!

When faced with the problem of getting something to grow in shaded tree areas of a property there are not too many solutions. Putting hardscaping such as pavers can be too costly and plain old gravel or mulch can be messy with constant maintenance. Another factor can be ensuring that the tree roots still gets plenty of water. When a resident in Severn Maryland approached Life Time Pavers after talking with several landscape architects there was only one solution. The contractor recommended an aggregate bonding system called Gravel-Lok to solve the problem. Gravel-Lok created a cost effective solution that maintained the natural look of the landscape. The cost of the project was about 45% less than traditional hardscaping options. The 900 sft project was installed in 2 days and the end product exceeded the expectations of the client. Gravel-Lok being completely pervious was the ideal choice to help preserve the natural water flow to the root system of the existing trees. By using a 1 inch Delaware valley river jack stone the earth tone colors blended nicely into the landscape. The clean edge was achieved by using a plastic paver edge restraint with spikes. The base system was produced using Cell-Teks SG200 stabilizer grid with a nonwoven geofabric separator and infilled with #57 stone open graded aggregate to achieve maximum permability. Gravel-Lok can be utilized in a wide variety of applications such as pathways, driveways, laying over old concrete and asphalt and much more.

Understanding Gravel-Lok

  • Basically it is a polyeurathane. It's Plastic
  • No mixing required it is ready to use.
  • Moisture curing liquid that cures to an inert substance.
  • Color: Amber Liquid
  • Will not leach into the ground
Viscosity: 400 - 700 times the thickness of water. Viscosity is a measure of the resistance of a fluid which is being deformed by either shear stress or extensional stress.

 A common measure of the viscosity (thickness) of a liquid. It is important to know your product’s cps when selecting items like mixers or pumps.

VISCOSITY: 400 – 700 Centipoise at 77°F (25°C)
Viscosity is the measurement of the thickness of a liquid. Viscosity is an important parameter in determining the "mouthfeel" of a product. The most common unit of expressing viscosity is the centipoise (cps) unit. The viscosity of water at 25° C is 0.89 cps

Gravel-Lok is cured by the moisture in the air. The higher the humidity the quicker it cures.
When winter approaches and temperatures fall below 50 degrees and there is less moisture in the air it takes longer to cure.

If you are using Gravel-Lok on a CR-6 base you will want to make sure there hasn't been rain for several days. If there is moisture in the ground it will cause the liquid to foam. No need to be alarmed you can crush the foam with a stick or by stepping on it.

The Cell-Tek Stabilizer grid allows for faster drying of the base. Also if foaming occurs it is lower in the system and most likely will not rise to the surface.

The foaming on the bottom can also help to make a stronger installation because it is a build up of the liquid on the base of the gravel.

Gravel-Lok can even be used by digging out and putting down 2 inches of stone and pouring it on. But much like asphalt without a base we all know what happens after some freezing and thawing.

Gravel-Lok Online Estimator

Calculate your next Gravel-Lok project with our on line estimator.
Create a material list you can print or email to your supplier.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Surface Stone

  • Gravel-Lok was originally created to bond together pea gravel.
  • Gravel-Lok works best with stones ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch in size.
  • Gravel-Lok will bond together stones up to 3 inches in size.
  • Stones should be clean of fines and debris.
  • The smaller the stone the more Gravel-Lok required.
  • Stones should be dry prior to installing Gravel-Lok
  • Gravel-Lok is an amber liquid so brown, gray, yellow or darker stones are recommended.
  • Limestone based (whitish stones) are NOT recommended

Friday, October 23, 2009

French Drain System with Gravel-Lok Surface

Gravel-Lok French Drainage System:  

The system is a typical french drainage system.  Only difference the top stones will not move or shift, because they are locked in place with Gravel-Lok

Typical French Drain Cross Section

Friday, October 16, 2009

Surface Stone (Maryland Area)

Delaware Valley River Gravel (1/4 Inch)

Maryland Pea Gravel

Tipple Red (1/4 Inch)

Delaware Valley River Gravel (1 inch)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gravel-Lok Featured At Maryland Home Show

Come see Gravel-Lok on display with Man Caves at the MD Home Show in Timonium this weekend Oct 16th - 18th.  Homeshow Website



Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Gravel-Lok System (Porous Top to Bottom)

The Gravel-Lok system is the ultimate porous paving solution.

SG 300 Base System will yield a structural number SN of 2.0
Water Storage of 2.1 inches

SG 400 Base System will yield a structural number SN of 4.24
Water Storage of 2.45 inches

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gravel-Lok: City Scapes (Tree Grate Replacement)

Gravel-Lok Contractor Custom Stoneworks of Baltimore used Gravel-Lok to fill in tree grates along a city street in Baltimore, Maryland. Traditional methods require expensive iron tree grates that need to be replaced as the tree matures. Eventually a fully mature tree will require the grates to be removed which creates a safety hazard along sidewalks. The open pits also collects trash and other debris which detracts from the beauty of the city.
Gravel-Lok is environmentally friendly and allows water to filtrate through to the trees root system. It also fills in the void left from the vacant tree grate which not only enhances the appearance of the community but the safety as well.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Gravel-Lok in Action


Green Fair

Gravel-Lok was a hit with architects and engineers at the Smith Group Green Fair that took place on September 22nd. Cell-Tek Geosynthetics was invited to present its full line of soil stabilization products. The big hit was the NEW porous paving system called Gravel-Lok, which was on display with a continuous downpour of water being fed to the surface. Cell-Tek would like to thank Brian, Elizabeth and the rest of the team at the Smith Group for providing us the perfect venue to showcase our products.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome To Gravel-Lok

Hi All,
This is the official blog site for all things Gravel-Lok. Gravel-Lok is a moisture curing liquid which bonds together a wide variety of aggregates. Gravel-Lok is a division of Cell-Tek Geosynthetics and this blog was created to help make using Gravel-Lok a great experience. If there are any questions, comments or suggestions we would love to hear your feedback.