Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gravel-Lok: City Scapes (Tree Grate Replacement)

Gravel-Lok Contractor Custom Stoneworks of Baltimore used Gravel-Lok to fill in tree grates along a city street in Baltimore, Maryland. Traditional methods require expensive iron tree grates that need to be replaced as the tree matures. Eventually a fully mature tree will require the grates to be removed which creates a safety hazard along sidewalks. The open pits also collects trash and other debris which detracts from the beauty of the city.
Gravel-Lok is environmentally friendly and allows water to filtrate through to the trees root system. It also fills in the void left from the vacant tree grate which not only enhances the appearance of the community but the safety as well.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Gravel-Lok in Action


Green Fair

Gravel-Lok was a hit with architects and engineers at the Smith Group Green Fair that took place on September 22nd. Cell-Tek Geosynthetics was invited to present its full line of soil stabilization products. The big hit was the NEW porous paving system called Gravel-Lok, which was on display with a continuous downpour of water being fed to the surface. Cell-Tek would like to thank Brian, Elizabeth and the rest of the team at the Smith Group for providing us the perfect venue to showcase our products.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome To Gravel-Lok

Hi All,
This is the official blog site for all things Gravel-Lok. Gravel-Lok is a moisture curing liquid which bonds together a wide variety of aggregates. Gravel-Lok is a division of Cell-Tek Geosynthetics and this blog was created to help make using Gravel-Lok a great experience. If there are any questions, comments or suggestions we would love to hear your feedback.